The U.S. Government Needs to Stop Selling Weapons to Saudi Arabia

Rhiannon Turgel-Ethier


Since 2012, there have been massive weapon sales to the kingdom. But what are these weapons being used for? Saudi Arabia has been using these planes and weapons to bomb Yemen, a country that the American government has zero issues with. In fact, the American government claims that they support the Yemeni government and people. The government also claims that they are providing humanitarian assistance in Yemen. According to the U.S. Department of State, the United States of America have provided nearly thirty-nine million dollars to help Yemen since 2011. This is absolutely absurd. How could the U.S. government keep selling weapons and bomber planes to a country that is bombing and devastating a country, which Americans claim they are helping? The government’s humanitarian aid and support in Yemen will continue to be useless if they do not stop selling weapons to the Saudis.

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